The Most Successful Malaysia Passport Companies In Region

The Most Successful Malaysia Passport Companies In Region

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Did you know You can actually renew your Malaysian passport online?
Online passport renewals were Implemented a few years back, because 2016, however there are still many Malaysians that are in the dark about it. Skip the queue and avoid the hassle, why not try renewing your passport online for a shift?
Here's all you need to know About renewing your Malaysian passport online.

Before applying online

• § Applicable for For First-time applicants, they need to head to the nearest passport office to get their passports completed

• § Only accepts Software for passports which are less than 1 year from expiration

• § Your uploaded passport Photo has to be recent, and its size has to be 5cm x 3.5cm. It can be obtained by a professional photographer, or you can take your own photographs and rely upon a free service such as EPassportPhoto to resize your photo to the correct specifications

• § As per regulations, The photograph background must be white, and the applicant needs to be dressed in dark clothes when taking the photograph, otherwise there will be a delay on your application

• § The Site for internet Renewals doesn't work really nicely with mobile devices. Applying using a computer is advocated

• § Payment methods today include credit cards and bank transfer

• § Once the renewal has Been finished, the receipt must be printed out so as to collect your passport

Steps to renew your passport online

1. See The Immigration Department's online passport renewal website

2. Make sure that you've Read and fulfilled all the requirements before swiping and hitting the"Setuju" button at the bottom of the page

3. On another page, Pick the applicant's age category, then move to enter your particulars such as telephone number, IC number and collection office. Do not be concerned about the rest since they'll be auto-completed according to your inputs. Make sure that you select a passport collection office that is the nearest and most suitable for you. Click"Cari" once you're done

4. Adhere to the website's Perform The payment by credit card and make sure that you save the receipt. The Set time will be decided in the machine based on when you have Submitted your application. As a rule of thumb, same day ranges can Be done if you've submitted your program latest by 3pm!

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